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    «Hohndel replied, “Apple if you’re listening, get Linus an early ARM laptop.”»

    What interest would Apple have in getting Linus an early ARM laptop? None, I guess. Is that phrase there so that the article can be also indexed into the “stuff about Apple silicon” index ?

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      I’ve seen this «generational change problem» happen, on a smaller scale, in a company I worked for where the core developers and core systems engineers had been there for 15-20 years and they were all geying out, retiring or getting fed up and leaving the company (or a combination of all).

      It’s a management problem, in the sense that the problem is that “engaging younger people and getting them to stay” isn’t being considered. A good way to start tacking this problem is to form a process to bring a new hire to a sufficient level of self-sufficiency, and then being available for mentoring/consultation.

      In my opinion, at least.

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        I am curious what the “generational change” will look like.

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          The part about Apple helping with the ARM laptops made me laugh.

          They won’t even support otheros, apparently. They’ll boot into nothing but Apple code.

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            That’s not true. Safe Boot can be disabled. They made that point last time during this years WWDC in the platform state of the union

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              By disabling they mean allowing non-latest versions macOS. Federighi said in an interview that they will not allow non-Apple OSes on Apple Silicon, and virtualization should be enough.

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                Understood. I’m not much of an Apple fan, so I did of course skip WWDC.

                I do hope you’re right and that they do not go back on their word. Else these machines would be dead weights once Apple decides not to support them anymore.

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                Wasn’t that something for the Playstation 3 ?

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                  I read somewhere that they would support a Chromebook-like “unsigned boot” option that would allow alternative OSes.

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                    What I had read is:


                    From this article:

                    Update, June 25th 7:45AM ET: Article updated with comment from an Apple VP confirming Boot Camp will not be available on ARM-based Macs.

                    I thus suspect these will be very locked down.

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                      Bootcamp is for running windows and providing windows drivers. Microsoft only licenses ARM windows to its hardware partners which apple isn’t one of. So there is no point in providing windows drivers if you can’t get windows.

                      Secure Boot can be disabled by booting into recovery mode. Then the Mac does and will continue to boot whatever you want

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                        Hopefully Apple will indeed allow booting non-signed systems and Microsoft will re-evaluate their policies regarding non-x86 platforms.

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                  Imagine wasting such a huge portion of your interview asking about diversity, where of course ‘diversity’ just means ‘black Americans’ now. What a complete waste of time…

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                    What’s interesting is that Linus Torvalds thinks the kernel is going to incorporate Rust-based drivers, when he dislikes C++ so strongly.


                    I’m curious how much of this is “Linus doesn’t think Rust is bad”, how much of it is “Linus thinks Rust is worth the bad”, and how much of this is “Linus doesn’t get to dictate kernel development any more”.