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    How is it that this article has not a single link to the main subject, Braintree, but four links back to various other Pando articles? This strikes me as somewhat off-topic for lobsters.

    Here’s information about this release from the source: https://www.braintreepayments.com/blog/accept-payments-through-braintree-instantly.

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      Has anyone used Braintree payments? Thoughts? complaints?

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        I’ve used them for handling subscription payments for my SaaS and for receiving payments for my consulting business, for about 4 years. For most of that time, they were charging $59 a month plus the usual transaction fees, which was a bit much. A few months ago, I tried to switch to Stripe for the lower cost, only to have Braintree come back and say they’d match Stripe’s pricing, so I didn’t switch. They’ve since changed their pricing for everyone to no monthly fee and only a per-transaction fee.

        Their customer support is pretty good, although recently I had a situation where a scammer was running a bunch of stolen CC authorizations through my SaaS and I got hit with hundreds of dollars in authorization fees, which Braintree didn’t notice and was unable to help me recover. I’m not blaming them for it, but I was a bit surprised that no security measures on their end considered it suspicious to have a small account suddenly processing hundreds of authorizations and no payments.

        I think Braintree is (or at least has been up until very recently) setup more to handle larger accounts and the instant setup and no monthly fees of Square and Stripe have made a big dent in Braintree’s status among startups and smaller companies. They used to be touted as the merchant of choice but it seems like Stripe stole a lot of that thunder.

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          I’m a developer at Braintree. You’re definitely right that Braintree hasn’t been the obvious choice for startups since companies like Stripe and Square joined the mix. There are a lot of entrepreneurs among us and we’re working hard to build tools to help smaller companies succeed. Over the past year we’ve been working on addressing a lot of problems that smaller merchants have with using us such as pricing and instant underwriting. It’s absolutely our goal to make payments as simple as possible for everyone from startups to larger companies.

          We’re also a Chicago based company and if you ever have any questions feel free to swing by our office. Shoot me an email anytime ben@braintreepayments.com

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            John from Braintree here. Sorry to hear you had trouble with people abusing your service for carding. One of the features we are actively focused on is providing better fraud tools and preventative alerting to our merchants. This has been a big problem for some of our customers and we are constantly looking for better ways to help them defend themselves.