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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Starting work on a little tool I’m calling gitice. When complete, you would be able to point it to a directory containing many git repos and get a single lockfile (think package-lock.json from NPM) which the tool can use to replicate the directory structure after a disk wipe or replacement. A friend of mine has terrible luck with keeping his Linux install unbroken for long periods of time (thus frequently wiping disks) and said he’d really appreciate the existence of something like this, so here I am.

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      If you let the file be large, it could be a massive pack of the repos…

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        Might be worth exploring in the future, will file a tracking issue. Thanks!

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      I think I’ll do an essay/video on simple Markov Chain stuff. It’s fun math, imo, and has some interesting uses in both understanding the way some processes in both the world and internet work.

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        Configuring OpenBSD on my x395. I would like to configure and use it for long enough to make my own opinion about the system.

        Since lobsters is very OpenBSD friendly and there were some positive articles about it posted recently, I thought I will give it a try again. Last time I used it briefly I think around 3.6 or 3.8 release.

        I already managed to pass through the installation, figure out how to dual boot and configure wifi.

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          I’ll be building a pre-launch page for my wife’s e-commerce site, No Crafts Left Behind, as well as a couple of medical visits.

          If I have the time, I’ll be adding a couple of features to my financial tracker leading up to the new financial month.

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            I’m researching randomizing per-thread userland stacks in HardenedBSD: https://git-01.md.hardenedbsd.org/HardenedBSD/HardenedBSD/issues/15

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              Application support, application support, and application support.

              Hacking on the code of a old network daemon; it originally ran on SunOS 3.5.
              I’m beginning to understand why so many applications are riddled with ifdefs.
              There are some significant gaps in POSIX.

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                I’m working on:

                • Writing tools to data-dump GitHub traffic, clones, forks, yadda yadda yadda, and filter out activity by our own team members to get a sense of actual community activity. And then throwing all that into pandas and kicking it around to see what comes out. And probably chuck in Twitter, LinkedIn, whatever other traffic along the way
                • Seeing how hacktoberfest goes (1/3 PRs have been reasonable so far. That’s 1 out of 3 total, not one-third specifically)
                • Working with various partners (whose names and roles I shall not name) to build up a marketing strategy instead of just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks

                Plus, y’know, whatever fires pop up that I need to fight along the way.

                BTW, if anyone knows how to get analytics from Slack, hmu. I’m guessing it won’t be easy, but I haven’t had the cycles to look into it yet

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                  Trying to release deployer v7 (https://deployer.org), nova days PHP not famous, but this is project with biggest impact of my projects (https://medv.io).

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                    Setting up Azure DevOps at work. It’s kind of disappointing that involving a cloud service in my build/deploy (which will still be local) is one of the best available answers to “Do we need to argue about process some more?”.

                    Any tips are welcome!

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                      Writing project documentation for newcomers and old hands, hoping that progressive disclosure will make docs feel approachable.

                      Also, Planescape: Torment.

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                        Continuing to work on my ADHD. I’ve done a lot, but so far no gain.

                        • Lots of research. Finding the advice, discarding what I’ve already adopted (only after checking I’ve really adopted it) - e.g. good sleep, good diet, exercise…
                        • Put reminders, daily goals, etc. in place. Unfortunately I’m great at seeing a reminder and snoozing it or ignoring it. I’m also great at skipping the daily habit of setting daily goals.

                        I’m not going to discard advice because it ‘doesn’t work for me’. Not being special, it’s extremely likely that most of what I’ve seen will work for me, if I persist and find ways to make it fit.

                        My current effort is directed towards setting my daily goals every day - just getting them written down.

                        I’m going about this by firstly making my exercise schedule more predictable: putting some easy cardio in as part of my weekday morning routine. I’ll do my day planning after the exercise, when I’m in a great frame of mind.

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                          Good luck! I have ADHD and finally transitioned off of medication a few months ago because it was messing with my sleep. Having a predictable routine is SO important for me.

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                          I have a couple of interesting interviews this week, as I’m coming around to the idea that my current gig is not going to work out. Happily, I also am starting the process to have one of my underlings promoted to replace me, so at least I’m going to have left the campground cleaner than I found it, so to speak.

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                            I’m starting to wrap up my current job and am getting ready for a new adventure.