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    I’m sure that everyone knows but just in case if we have new people around here that never heard of http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/

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      Linux From Scratch was one of the most educational things I’ve ever done. It gives a great understanding of how a Linux system is put together.

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        See also http://landley.net/aboriginal. Though it’s in some flux at the moment. The challenge with such projects is always keeping them up to date.

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          Development of Aboriginal Linux has ended, replaced by mkroot.

          That sounds quite final and not “in some flux”.

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            For a learning project it’s not a big deal to run one script instead of another.

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          Never knew there was resource this great. Thanks. I am planning to learn Debian. This will help me a lot.

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          add pkgsrc to the mix and you’ll have an interesting choice although the last time I tried pkgsrc with musl there were a lot of build failures.