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We’re a fully remote fintech startup looking for strategic help with observability and dev ops. I’m the first engineering hire and have handled all of the dev ops so far, in addition to the actual backend and frontend dev work. In the next few months we need to scale up, pass audits, and ensure we can maintain certain SLAs, so we’re looking for a dedicated contractor to take charge of all observability, metrics, logging, tracing, incident response protocols, etc, across the infrastructure. We have seed funding with 10 employees. The company was remote before Covid and will remain so. The job could be contract-to-hire, currently slated for contract. Salary range reflects the hourly rate that would comprise that salary. Happy to answer any questions or provide more context.

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      This is my first time submitting a job posting. I modeled it on this one.

      I’d like to understand the reasoning behind the spam votes.

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        They’re mistaken. I’ve messaged the flaggers to ask them to remove. This is the purpose of the job tag and if someone doesn’t want to see them, they can filter them out.

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      Good luck on the future hires!

      Fun to see you on Lobsters, too

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