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Doesn’t really need a video, but I forgot that I stumbled into this oddity of Python2 and the getitem operator.


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    Someone please explain this one. I’m going crazy.

    edit: BTW - same behaviour on python3 (3.4.4).

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      For those that can’t stand video for reading code, the code in question is:

      class A(object):
          def __getitem__(self, item):
              print item
              return item
      a = A()
      if "A" in a:
          print "YEP"

      A few things to remember:

          x.__getitem__(y) <==> x[y]

      With that in mind, remember that "a" in x is roughly equivalent to:

      i = 0
          while True:
              if x[i] == "a":
                  return True
                  i += 1
      except IndexError:
          return False

      The original A implementation never bothers to validate the position of getitem