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PyCon Montréal this week. I’ll be there. Is anyone else going? Would be nice to meet up with some fellow Lobsters while I’m there.


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    I’ll be there. I’ll be hanging out with the Mercurial people and everyone else. I know of one other Octave person I want to meet up with as well. I plan to socialise a lot. As for meeting up with the Lobsters gang, the simplest thing is probably during lunch time in the big dining room when we’re not running around trying to catch talks.

    I’m also local to Montréal, so I could show people around town.

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      Thanks for your work on Octave! It’s been really handy this year.

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        I’m glad it’s helped you, but I have not been responsible for a lot of the recent commits. I am still involved, but not as much as I would like.