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    Shocked this hasn’t already been posted here. It’s not quite old enough to drink or vote but it’s definitely old enough to stay out too late and get into fights with its parents.

    (First commit is 2008)

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      Shh, if the company finds out they’ll shut it down!

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        It’s existed for over 12 years, if they don’t know about it by now they’re never gonna find it.

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        Used to absolutely LOVE pianobar and used it like crazy.

        A long time ago when I was first learning how to do some web programming stuff (mostly with Ruby/Sinatra sorta things) I ended up making a web front end for pianobar which was super fun.

        It used the fact that pianobar can be controlled using a FIFO file, and can also run scripts on certain events (like track change) so I had it write to a file every time it changed tracks, and the web front end read from this file to display the current track, and wrote to the FIFO to control pianobar itself, using websockets for keeping things updated.

        Super fun project and honestly kinda sad I’ve lost the code over the years.

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          Glad to see this is being maintained again. I used it for years (and then had to stop using it for years because it stopped working!)

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            I used to use pianobar all the time except for the past couple years. I had forgotten all about it until I saw the other post about a di.fm client. I hope you all can get some good use out of this!