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    Satan will be ice-skating to work today. Or maybe he’ll ride a flying pig.

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      This is just autumn. Winter comes when they release Microsoft Linux.

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      I mean, it’s nice that Microsoft are moving their stuff over to linux but at this point most “modern” web devs are using something like rethinkdb or mongo.

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        what is the main advantage of SQL Server over Postgresql on a linux machine ?

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            I’m curious what technology this commercial software uses to connect to SQL. ODBC? FreeTDS? Or something proprietary? In my opinion I feel like it doesn’t matter if SQL Server runs on Windows or Linux or something else. It still will be very expensive and your software is likely bound to the same connection technology. I also have commercial software running on Linux that communicates to SQL ultimately through FreeTDS. In my case I think the most exciting thing would actually be to see some of the connection tools like SQL native client open sourced or the release of a completely free version (like SQL Express) available for free software operating systems.

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            The support contract.

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              SQL Server has a bunch of features that postgresql does not. Notably, postgresql query execution is still serial, while sqlserver (though its planner isn’t great) can utilize parallelism. Also, sqlserver has the ability to operate as a cube store, and understands MDX. It also has a much richer ecosystem of GUI management tools. Basically, what the main advantage is will depend on your use case, but there’s a decent chance of there being some advantage.

              Disclosure: I’m currently a postgres DBA