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    Okay, what? wtf?

    What’s with the uber-low score?

    Is it the title and that made everyone tl;dw the video?

    The video is not about working in a startup. The video is about everything else. Argh.

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      Generally startup content that is not specifically technical is considered off-topic. The title, at least, implies this is about a startup and not technical. I’m surprised you’re surprised, you’ve been here long enough to have seen this.

      As an aside, of writing this, this post has a -2 score and only 6 people have voted for it, I wouldn’t call that “uber-low”.

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        For lobsters, 4 downvotes is uber-low. People rarely vote that low around here.

        So, it is the title, right? Because the video has a long, funny story about working in a startup. However, that’s only to grab people’s attention (seems to have the opposite effect here). It’s not about startups. It’s about wealth distribution. It’s about finance. It’s about bar charts. The startup stuff is supposed to be the sugar to make the medicine go down.