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    Talks are as follows Giovanni Bechis - Pledge in OpenBSD
    David Spencer - Slackbuilds
    Charles Forsyth - Not/configure (Exploring the various aspects of portability from Bell Labs, covering Plan 9 & Inferno)
    Alistair Crooks - pkgsrc - early history
    Thomas Merkel - Testing your pkgsrc development on multiple platforms with vagrant and virtualbox
    Pierre Pronchery - pkg-query
    Bennie Siegert - Bulk builds in the cloud
    Sevan Janiyan - A mix of two halves
    Alistair Crooks - Running a third of the internet on BSD
    Alexander Nasonov - Installing packages from http://pkgsrcbadj4vrrrr.onion
    Vsevlod Stakhov - The architecture of Pkg - a modern package manager for BSD systems