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      “A new chapter begins for X” always reads like “things will get miserable for X”.

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        In general I suspect that’s true, but having worked for Samsung in the past I would venture that this can literally only improve the situation for people working on and for people consuming the software.

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          With you and many other former Joyent people at Oxide doing your own Illumos things.

          Do you know how many people are still working on SmartOS and/or SDC/Triton still?

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        “our incredible journey”

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      This sounds kinda ominous, does this mean that the SmartOS project is in danger?

      1. 7

        Quite the opposite. It means renewed investment in SmartOS and Triton.

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      How does this not fall under the business news category of off-topic?

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        IMO it’s gray area.

        Sure, it’s strictly speaking about one company selling an appendage off to another or whatever, but in this case the appendage in question is the steward of a long standing FLOSS project a ton of people really really care about.

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          Yep! You captured my motivation for posting it :)