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    decided I might learn some assembly language.

    How did you go about doing this? I learned MIPS in college, but given my more recent professional trajectory, have been meaning to re-learn this stuff. Any suggestions?

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      I started by reading Guide to x86 Assembly and some of x86 Assembly Wikibook, but I’ve never been much of a book learner, so most of the actual learning happened from looking at the ASM generated by GCC with -S (and -O0 to not be super confused) and looking up the instructions.

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        Thanks so much.

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      It would be so fun to run this directly, on an actual for-reals PC, instead of using QEMU.

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        It’s entirely possible. I had done it with the C predecessor, but I no longer have access to an extra PC I could use.

        It would also require changing the ISO build to use ISOLINUX so that it could be made hybrid and boot from a USB device, but building that way has extra dependencies and needs more configuration.

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          Writing a Tetris clone is such a rite of passage – I was once very proud of my vanilla C clone but alas it used OpenGL. You get first prize for going to the metal.

          In any case: nice work, looking forward to future posts!