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    This was a surprisingly interesting article that wasn’t actually that much about Scala usage. It was more about how the developer environment is setup at a large and very technical company that happens to use Scala for most of its foundation code. Almost entirely with open source and public cloud tooling. We are talking hundreds of developers and millions of lines of production code, spanning several languages, and spanning closed source and open source production projects, many with important tie-ins to third party open source or public cloud APIs.

    Here is a paragraph from the bottom of the article that summarizes what was covered:

    One point of interest is how generic many of our tools and techniques are. Our CI system, devboxes, remote cache, test shards, etc. are not Scala-specific. Neither is our strategy for dependency management or linting. Much of these apply regardless of language or platform and benefit our developers writing Python or Typescript or C++ as much as those writing Scala.