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      I would be helped with a tweet-sized description of who you are and what you do. Right now there isn’t any reason to click on any of the links you’ve provided.

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        Good idea. I’ve added in a description.

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      Also, if you are using the page for jobs/ consulting - you might want to put in your linkedin profile or equivalent

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        I’ll go ahead and add in my resume.

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      A fellow minimalist! My one suggestion would be to vertically center your content

      example: http://codepen.io/shshaw/full/gEiDt

      shameless plug: http://zachdonovan.com/ :)

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        I want to accomplish this without using display: table-cell… seems difficult.

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          You don’t need to use display: table-cell to achieve this.

          From my own site:

          body { position: relative; height: 100vh }

          #content { left: 0; right: 0; top: 0; bottom: 0; margin: auto; height: <must be defined> }

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      Showing a couple photos you’ve taken to make it more of a portfolio page might be good.

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        That’s why I linked Flickr.

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      What is the purpose of this homepage ? Job? Brand?

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        It’s my personal homepage – it’s just a gateway for people to know who I am.

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      There’s a lot of shadow cast on your face in the profile picture (although taking good photos is harder than designing pages)

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      Looks nice!

      any comments on my page: http://avi.im

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        Word wrap after 80 characters and you’ve got yourself a true replication of a man page!

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          great, I will do that!