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    This is a really weird list, with a couple things that feel like borderline errors to me.

    When discussing Dato, the author writes:

    So, when someone asks you what date is it today you have to open a calendar app. Seriously?

    Uh, no? You just click on the clock, same as you would with Dato. (And that’s assuming you didn’t turn on showing the date by default, which is an option right in the Date and Time preferences, and has been since I think Mac OS 9.) Dato also gives you a full calendar in the dropdown, but that’s not what you asked. And since Dato is brand-new, you might instead/also want to look at Fantastical 2, which has been out for some time and has the same feature.

    Should I really mention Flux? Because everyone should already have one installed.

    Agreed—but as it happens, it’s built-in to macOS since at least 10.13, and in my head somewhere in 10.12. Maybe there’s a reason for installing Flux, but you didn’t specify it.

    Spectacle is solid (I prefer Magnet, but that’s closed-source and not free), and the preview plugins are fine, but I’m not convinced they need their own blog posts at this point, nor that they “fit everyone.” Overall, this just felt like a weird listicle to me.

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      Uh, no? You just click on the clock, same as you would with Dato.

      Big fan of iStat Menus as a similar improvement over Dato.


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        You just click on the clock,

        Apple+space, type “terminal”, hit enter, type “ cal”, hit enter? :)

        You give the sensible way of doing that but the stupid one is in my muscle memory too ;)

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          It’s “Cmd” not “Apple” you heathen :)

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          In this vein, I also found it mildly annoying that the first couple of items in the list weren’t linked to, and I had to search for them, even though the later ones were.

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          Some nice utilities here, but Flux is hardly necessary now that macOS has Night Shift already built-in.

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            Is there actual science behind the purported benefits on cutting down on blue light towards bedtime?

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              Yes and no. There is conclusive science that bright blue lights are bad, and therefore that so is your phone, but there’s not yet been any useful studies I’m aware of that show any benefits to red-shift apps. Wired actually has some decent coverage, for once.

              That said, I personally still use the red light dimmers knowing that, but for the same reason cars and planes do: it doesn’t cause my pupils to contract as much in dim light, meaning that a little bit of shitposting in the middle of the night is less likely to make my trip back to my bed full of trips and faceplants.

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                Thanks for this reply, I guess it really doesn’t hurt to use it. I’ve seen some humorous instances where people have been editing photographs without realizing that night shift is on and getting really weird results.

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                Not really sure—it does feel easier on the eyes though in my experience.

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                Night Shift isn’t available for (compatible with?) all external monitors. I’m a fan of Night Shift on a MacBook, and when I hook up just about any LG monitor, Night Shift just seems to work. However, I recently picked up a MacMini and plugged in a big Dell P4317Q and Night Shift isn’t available as an option. My fall back is Flux. It shouldn’t be necessary, but apparently it still is in some cases.

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                I’m a bit confused about the date thing. My Mac has the date and time in the menu bar on the right.

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                  Dato can show more information like the calendar and multiple time zones.

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                  This is borderline spam, it has little or even nothing to do with neither objectivec or swift.

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                    While we are talking Mac - a quick plug for Bitbar which is a cool app I discovered this week when I finally got tired of counting on my fingers to know what time it is in Bangalore or UTC or (…). It’s really slick to be able to pipe stdout into the menu bar.

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                      Instead of spectacle I’ve been using https://github.com/ianyh/Amethyst, a tiling window manager. There is no coming back once you get used to it.

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                        do you use the default config? in the past i think there wasn’t a default config and it did not have time to set it up correctly.

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                        macOS users are so arrogant. At least they boosted Spectacle, which makes the environment somewhat useful to people like me.