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    I didn’t know you could do destructuring in function parameters, so that’s my new thing for today. Thanks @alilleybrinker

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      I learn rust mostly from easy_rust. It covers most of the topic but only at the surface level. I am very happy to have possiblerust.com around. Very depth but easy to follow. Thanks!

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        Thanks so much! That’s basically the goal with the site, to make things which thread that needle of in-depth but still accessible to newer-to-intermediate Rust programmers.

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        I almost think the title does this article a disservice! I thought it was going to be a surface level short read, but instead found an incredibly well written in depth article! Very much looking forward to Part 2!

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          Thanks so much! Yeah perhaps in retrospect it should have had a catchier title.

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          Really nicely designed blog. Love it.