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    Tangential, but: I had a very interesting chat with some of the people behind the framework mentioned here - Nannou - (https://mindbuffer.net) a couple of years ago and when I expressed that I’m a little puzzled why they use Rust for this, because Rusts focus on stability/correctness <> artistic free expression felt a little odd. Their answer was pretty interesting: they build installations for museums all around the globe. Once the installation is finished, it gets sent around the globe to be presented for months in constant use. Repairing problems becomes really expensive, especially as there’s often no second “reference” build. So everything that helps them not have any problems that need debugging across half the globe is very useful for them.

    It’s interesting how technologies focused on certain aspects of stability are used in art: e.g. also SonicPi famously as an Erlang/OTP core.