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    Side note: I’m not a Rust developer (yet), but every time I install a rust program I’m impressed by how easy it is and that everything just works. First happened when I moved to ripgrep from ag.

    This terminal is no exception so far, no bugs yet and seems as fast as advertised (on Elementary OS Loki).

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      Tried it, because it sounded promising: fast terminal emulator without the unnecessary bells and whistles. Fast it is, to be sure, but its font handling seems to be a tad too simple: I’m using tmux with some powerline-enabled fonts, and it can’t display those symbols, not even if I set the font to the same one I use for my daily terminal emulator.

      Even worse, if I set the same font, char spacing becomes double, even after altering its config.

      A promising thing, will keep an eye on it, as I’m not 100% happy with GNOME Terminal, but it’s not there yet. Judging by the issues open, my worries will likely be addressed soon. Yay!

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        Make sure you have the right Rust compiler installed. Alacritty is currently pinned to a certain Rust nightly, and the compiler/nightly dependencies are updated as needed. To install the correct compiler, run:

        This appears to be common for software in Rust, and it scares me away from Rust.