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    This is awesome! I was always bummed that the emulator scene never made good headway with the Xbox family of consoles. There’s so many games that we’re at risk of loosing access to forever.

    On the 360, there were compatibility updates that Microsoft shipped for old Xbox games through their store. I wonder if the updates could be made to work with this project. You’d need to download them from Microsoft somehow in order to run them through the recompilation process which will probably be non-trivial.

    Overall, I look forward to seeing where this goes!

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      What… the… hell…? I sure didn’t see this coming. The methodology makes since. Between @classichasclass article and this one, there might be some hope of using similar methods to quickly port important software over to Raptor POWER and future RISC-V.

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        That’s IBM’s POWER, not Raptor’s. Raptor is just a retailer and motherboard maker.

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          Raptor POWER as in Raptor’s POWER Workstation and the other meaning a future RISC-V product. I figured the kind of people who closely follow Raptor and RISC-V, people who might buy them, would understand.

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            I understood what you said. There might be any number of POWER9 computers that aren’t produced by raptor; but there cannot be any which don’t come from IBM.

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        Although it’s very cool, note the most recent commit is 2017, and in the “future work” section it says, “Well, it would be much cooler to run an actual game, maybe someday :)”

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