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    Why are large software projects not managed like the Linux Kernel? The Leading Manager should be a coder that accepts or rejects patches, that person would at least have an overview about the state of affairs, …

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      I generally agree with the observations except this one:

      Second, IT engineers by nature tend to be optimists, as reflected in the common acronym SMOP: “simple matter of programming.”

      Maybe I just hang out with the cynical crowd, but I’ve never heard a professional programmer use that phrase in a non-snarky way. How could we get such a genius character like Gilfoyle if IT people are generally optimists?

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        I agree, I’ve only seen SMOP used sarcastically—but there’s still an optimism under it. It might be “we can do that in six months, not two weeks,” but there is always the concept of of course we can do it… underlying it.

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