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Lobster christmas tree

I hope that everybody is having a good holiday, and if not, that you are at least enjoying a great weekend!

Thank you to everybody who’ve contributed great stories and comments this year and who’ve made the site worth coming back to every day (and night).


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    In the same vein as angersock, Lobsters is a special online community and I’m happy I’ve gotten to spend the year with everyone. Thank you all!

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        I’m really tickled pink by that picture of a bunch of lobsters on the Christmas tree :)

        Happy holidays all!

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          Let’s enjoy this small community, who knows what lobste.rs will look like in 2026. Merry christmas to everyone, try to find some joy in these days, and be thankful and enjoy all the nice things in our lives!

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            Back at ya!

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              Thanks Angersock! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all

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                That’s a cool picture. :) Merry christmas, all.

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                  Merry Christmas! You’re all glorious folk.

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                    Merry Christmas, with best wishes and goodwill to all crustacea …

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                      Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all the Judeo-Christians out there! ?