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    I been working on Libraries.io in my spare time for the past couple months, I wrote up a little more about how Libraries.io it works on medium: https://medium.com/@teabass/solving-open-source-discovery-db43a04cd9e7

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      This looks great! Search is fast!

      My only comment about this project is your use of the term “Open Source”. Yes, I am one of those people. The PC term is “FLOSS” which stands for “Free, Libre, and Open Source Software”.

      I personally call myself a Free Software developer, not an Open Source developer. There are all sorts of wacky people like me who would get offended.

      Or do you curate this to only have Open Source software?

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        It’s not curated as such, libraries scans all the package manager registries for meta data about packages, where possible including the license. Not every project has a license but the ones that do are grouped together here: https://libraries.io/licenses

        I use the term “Open Source” in a similar way to GitHub because it’s easy to understand at a glance, although for the unlicensed projects is really just “source available”, apart from some of the jars on maven where even the source isn’t available!

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          I’m going to be a pain in the ass again. The way GitHub uses the term is wrong and deliberately wrong. GitHub has an interest in calling Free Software “Open Source” because they don’t believe in the Free Software principles. There is the famous Open Source (Almost) Everything from Tom.

          The reason is obvious. GitHub makes it’s money from companies who want to keep their source proprietary. Proprietary software is anathema to Free Software.

          I don’t see why your project would align with GitHub’s methodology in this case, unless you have similar plans to make money.

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      No response for aacs or libaacs, does that just mean no one’s packaging it at the moment?

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        At the moment Libraries doesn’t have great coverage of C projects, I’m hoping to start indexing launchpad at some point which should help with that.

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        Nice idea. Can’t help thinking that some element of curation is needed?

        Example - I can search for “date” or “time” under PyPI and there are plethora of options, but what I really need is someone pointing out the arrow library which IMHO is the only one you need.

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          Thanks, I’m working on ways that people can curate collections of libraries to make the best ones easier to find. The Pypi area of the site is slightly lacking at the moment as I’ve not been able to get as much info as I’d like from their JSON API, as I get more information on which libraries depend on arrow it should naturally rise up the rankings.