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    The links seem to have inverted letters: csyk2.mp3 -> cysk2.mp3

    mp3 m4a ogg

    (Not sure what’s up with the ogg gzip…)

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      Thank you for catching this (and for DM-ing me on Twitter! I wouldn’t have caught it for a lot longer without that).

      As for ogg… I have no idea. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m intending to just serve .ogg; it’s probably something the host (DreamHost’s DreamObjects service) is doing. I filed an issue with myself so I remember to come back to it.

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      Neat podcast! Seems media links for this episode are down right now (both embedded page player and the direct download links seem to be 404ing).

      (I’m off to start from episode 000…)

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        Argh! Thanks for telling me. I typo this every. single. time. I should probably write a lint for it or something. Enjoy the show!