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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    In between jobs! Last job was a mess, small company, sleepovers there, weekends, not getting paid for a while. After all this involment and sacrifice my was boss was… not really nice to me. Learned my lesson, will be more careful next time. Glad to be out of there.

    I start my next job in two weeks and I’m mostly relaxing (been three years since my last proper vacation), doing a lot of japanese studying, plying dota 2 & witcher III and also reading Practical TLA+ by @hwayne because I believe it will be useful in my new job.

    Exciting times!

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      I recommend picking up some canning, drying, preserving, cooking and supply chain skills. That is for building up a pillow for bad times and learning to live good with the lowest expenses possible. (I found that food&eating was the thing in my life where I could save the most expenses and improve my food at the same time).

      I once found myself in a trap of bad job, ugly commuting, eating on the run and I do not want to return there.

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      I’m flying to London to meet my investors at the Google Campus for dinner and a whole bunch of on-boarding talks. Then I’m flying to Brno to attend NixCon. Also will work on preparing for when our new hires start. Busy busy busy.

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        I didn’t know this existed, I see there are still tickets available..

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        I’ve been getting into the habit of cooking good fresh food every day, but sometimes I have leftover ingredients and I don’t have the experience to immediately know what else I can use them for. Some recipes have “exotic” ingredients (by which, I mean simply ingredients you don’t commonly have and use in many recipes). For example, traditional gumbo has a vegetable called Okra. Okra is great in gumbo, but the quantity that I get from store is sometimes more than I need for the number of servings I’m making. Problem: identified, Solution: underway

        I’ve been using Go and Neo4j to build an application that takes a set of recipes as input, graphs the relationships between recipes and ingredients, and uses that information to tell you how picking one recipe to make will allow you to make other dishes with the fewest additional ingredients. Basically, it’s an inventory management system to help you maximize utility of your larder. I’ve already gotten the backend mostly done, so I’m just making a UI now. I don’t personally need a UI to get value out of this, as I can just use the Neo4j Browser, but I’d like a UI so that others can use this without having to learn Cypher.

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          cough Frittatas cough

          It’s nice to have a few “garbage” recipes that can easily take on a random assortment of leftover ingredients. Things like soups, fried rice, frittatas, etc. Most vegetables can be grilled or roasted on their own and used as their own dish. You can also boil vegetables and puree them and use that in other dishes, in a lot of different ways. Pork braised in pureed roasted corn is incredible.

          I was working for a bit on data modelling substitutions in recipes and it got way out of hand. Currently it’s now a 3,000 word first draft called “Falsehoods programmers believe about substituting ingredients in recipes.”

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            Okra can be roasted or fried for a pretty good side dish. I sympathize on needing to use up ingredients.

            Edit: I’ve seriously considered doing an inventory management system like you describe too, but the data entry side of it just was too daunting. It turned into an ML project to scan receipts from grocery shopping and try to infer the contents of your pantry from them rather than actually producing recipes.

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              Though I’ve been doing the data entry by hand (and I don’t mind doing that work, given the value I get out of it after), I understand others may not want to do it. I’ll probably implement a recipe reader for specific websites like AllRecipes, but I have no interest in ML or OCR.

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              In 2003, there was an online database of cocktail recipes that allowed visitors to provide a list of every ingredient they had on hand and it would return a list of possible drinks that they could make.

              As I recall, there was a checkbox for “assume I have kitchen basics (salt, water, butter, milk)”. There was also some kind of control that would make the system ALSO show you recipes that would necessitate a trip to the store, but only for X more items.

              All these years, I’ve assumed it was accomplished with SQL. The site was FAST. (Definitely a bunch of plain HTML forms, maybe some hand-written javascript. No ads.)

              Side question.. anybody know what the site was called? Maybe that plus a trip to web.archive.org would enable me to find the dev on twitter or github today… …The predominant color on the site was green. I think.

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              Recover from a sudden unplanned surgery.

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                I wish you a speedy recovery!

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                  Thank you very much! Unfortunately, I need to wait for three to four weeks until the body tissue is good enough so that the rest of the abscess can be removed. But everything is as good as it can be under this circumstances. The speed was frightening, it literally came overnight.

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                After a life period where most of my home doings were oriented around parenting and early childhood, I’m starting to pick back up the hacking again. Right now I’m hacking on pmetrics: https://gitlab.com/pnathan/pmetrics , an event oriented structured “logging” system designed for small-midsize shops. When done, it should solve certain persistent problems that occur regularly with observability and are difficult to address without hauling in a big vendor with its entanglements. If anyone wanted to play early adopter on it, I’m keen to hear feedback.

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                  In free time, trying to merge dali into jnim as a new backend for jexport — to allow easy writing of Android .apks in pure Nim (with no Android Studio nor Java required during development).

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                    At work, I’m still toiling away on bug fixes and revamping part of our build process. Not my favorite thing…

                    Outside of work, I’m working on a Lisp binding to GDAL.

                    I just spent a few frustrating days digging through cl-autowrap source code and tweaking the parameters to cl-autowrap:c-include, only to realize the “bug” I was trying to fix was by design, and the missing type exports shouldn’t be exported because they’re typedef’d void pointers representing opaque types - impossible to allocate them on the Lisp side, they can only ever returned by GDAL functions. I had originally misread some sample code, and thought I needed to create the objects myself. I feel kinda silly not noticing my mistake sooner, but I learned a bit about autowrap and made some improvements along the way, so it wasn’t a waste of time

                    This week I want to get some more tutorial and example code ported over to Lisp, and maybe use the Blend2d bindings I created a few months ago to draw some rudimentary maps.

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                      • Poking around looking for a job.
                      • Improving my git9 implementation so that it handles large projects more gracefully.
                      • Dealing with some life-related busywork that I let pile up far too long.
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                        I realized that I’m gonna have to start building an IDE if I ever want to switch to using my own operating system full time. Since I spend 80% of my computer time programming, I don’t want to be stuck using a crappy single-file text editor. So I’ve started building an IDE. :)

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                          Still fighting fires post-launch of the new site. Despite closing 4+ tickets a day our queue has stayed a pretty constant number, and I suspect the only reason high-or-medium priority tickets are beginning to dry up is that the low priority tickets haven’t been re-prioritized yet. Many things in the world of comic book e-commerce to be done before the holiday season.


                          Attempting to sleep when the baby sleeps, try to help my wife keep the overall level of disorder in the apartment down, and browsing twitter at 2:00 am.

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                            Just working on work, probably gonna do some low-productivity personal things.

                            I’m still working on that microkernel hobby OS of mine, amd64 is an awkward CPU architecture.

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                              I’ve wrapped up the first, lowest level of the 3-language Mu hobbyist computer. I got a lot of feedback from discussions here and on HN. Now I’m starting on level 2, an imperative, strongly typed, memory-safe language that is easy to translate to machine code.

                              As has been the pattern so far, starting a significant new project atop machine code invariably ends up needing a new plan for memory allocation. For a high level language I need to start tracking some basic AST-like data structure.

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                                Modula-2++? SPARK++? ;)

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                                I had a nostalgia itch to go play a roguelike. http://roguebasin.com helped me filter down and pick one. Decided on Angband due to project maturity, recent activity, licence/libreness, and there being a Gentoo package. Started a new character (well, several – you know how it goes), set game preferences, laid out terminal windows just so (which actually wasn’t that simple, including figuring out how to open the windows to begin with), and wrestled with keybindings (since I actually map my numpad for window management (KDE)).

                                So, this week, roguelike character advancement will be filling in the cracks of free time in my busy schedule.

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                                  • Work
                                    • On call this week, not much more to add here
                                  • Home
                                    • I fell and broke my thumb and it requires reconstructive surgery, so Thursday and Friday are dedicated to that. Trying to stay positive and not focus on the “What-ifs” (will I be able to play hockey again, will the surgery go well, etc.)
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                                    Oof. Broken digits are no fun. :/
                                    Hang in there.

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                                      thanks mate 🙂

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                                    I have been accepted into GitHub sponsors and spent the last two weeks researching crowdfunding and just published a blog post about that yesterday. With that done I hope to return to Clippy and Rust contributions again this week.

                                    At work we’re almost done migrating our server provisioning from Puppet 3.8 to the latest Ansible. Apart from having to use YAML, Ansible has been an absolute joy to work with. I can’t wait to finally archive our puppet code.

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                                      Readjusting my sleep schedule so I can wake up at 0630 reliably, and digging back into school after getting back from Rust Belt Rust!

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                                        Hopefully spending a bit of time cleaning up go-gitdir and making sure the code is more maintainable moving forward.

                                        Also, jumping back into ruby and possibly rails with a new personal project.

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                                          Trying to find the time to go through an iOS programming course. I’ve no idea what app I want to make (or if I even want to make one), but I’ve felt my programming knowledge stagnate so I decided to learn something different. So far I like it.

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                                            Going to try again to clean up and organize my office at one of my sites. Seems as though once I get things started, I’m putting out fires and more crap ends up in there. Hopefully that won’t be the case this week.

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                                              Work: Heading over to Tokyo for some change of work scenery, and (a little later) PacSec. Finishing up some blog posts that have been pending for embarrassingly long and, relatedly, continuing some experiments on cleaner ways of setting up a process for debugging (friends don’t let friends sudo -p).

                                              Social: With anata no warehouse closing down soon, there’ll be some classic arcade entertainment there and at mi-ka-do.

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                                                Tickets, software testing, and finishing a process improvement.
                                                I am taking PTO on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

                                                I have started reading Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.
                                                I plan to spend my days off applying the principles from this book.

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                                                  Being horribly blocked by brain fog, it seems :/

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                                                    In between work, I’ve been working on a small Haskell/Elm app: https://favpla.com

                                                    I tried out Typescript/React and ReasonML but finally settled on Elm. I’m a speed freak so asset size is important to me. The Elm compiler generates very small assets!

                                                    I wrote a small Python script to generate the Haskell/Elm data structures so I didn’t have to write JSON encoders/decoders. I wonder now if I could have used Servant and generated elm bindings from that.

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                                                      Week 2 of the sprint. QA duties are ramping up, BUT, I just checked in the first Alloy model to my company’s repository, and may have a useful report generated from it in a couple days about our database schema.

                                                      Mad props to Hillel and Jay. Could not have done it without them.