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    While I like this in theory, it feels like so much work for something that is solvable using other open source software, like Bitwarden. It can both be self-hosted or used as a service, I use it as a service as it’s fairly important for me. I also like that it gracefully handles OTP.

    I’ve used BW for a number of years now, it’s been great. Before BW I used lastpass for a great number of years.

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      I’ve had a similar set up for a couple of years now and love it! You can also throw Syncthing on a personal server for a way to sync your database when one device is offline for whatever reason.

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        Yeah I also run a syncthing ‘server’. It just makes everything go smoothly. I guess I might as well use nextcloud, but I don’t like the bottomless pit of features it seems to be turning into.

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          I stopped running Nextcloud long ago for exactly that reason. It feels like it does a bad job at everything.

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        That’s exactly my KeePass setup! I recommend KeePass DX on Android, it’s on F-Droid and it comes with a keyboard that auto-types the username and password when you need it.