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      It’s basically nice and clean API to core of qemu, embeddable into your applications, which is a cool idea because qemu is huge, complex and not designed to be used as a library.

      Sadly, it has no MMIO support, so it’s not yet suitable for making full-system emulators. It was designed to run pieces of code during reverse engineering and malware analysis, where emulation of external devices is not necessary. There’s branch with support for MMIO, and it’s probably in finished state, only language bindings are not finished.

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      The last release was in April last year. Is the project done or dead?

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        There has been a lot of work going on fixing bugs and landing PRs (up through this morning, in fact!). They just haven’t tagged a release, which can happen any time. Capstone and the related projects have seen more releases this year but keep an eye on Twitter, the mailing list, or the Github repos for a release.

        Commits to master branch since last release: https://github.com/unicorn-engine/unicorn/compare/1.0.1...master

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      I was playing around with this a couple of weeks ago. It’s super impressive! I underestimated QEMU’s Motorola 68k support so I’m not able to use it, but really wish I could.