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    Your success depends on your intelligence rather than your wasted time

    The better your scripts, the better your game — irrespective of the time played. Your creeps will mine, build, defend, and conquer as you just work, sleep, or walk your dog.

    Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of a game, which is to entertain you or just give you something to do when you’re idle? Is it even a game if you never have to play it?

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      There are lots of games which have this ‘idleness is the point’ mechanic. Some are awful (cow clickers like farmville) and some are – at least interesting, though many find them tragically un-fun (like EVE Online or Transport Tycoon). These sorts of games do occupy idle time, just not when you’re actively watching them. EVE Online is a game as much about logistics and offline organization as it is about pewpew-ing ships in space. Transport Tycoon often has sections where you simply wait to see if your transportation network will work at all. Games like this one, I think, occupy your idle time by encouraging you to come up with the best strategy, implement it, and then fire it off into the field to see if your approach will be better than the next person’s approach. The actual execution of the script isn’t the game, it’s all the leadup, the script execution is just the criterion that shows how effective you were at overcoming the challenge the game presented.

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      I think the true test of this concept will be seeing how the game’s environment combats the inevitable spread of optimal scripts. When everyone is running the same set of scripts, will the game start tossing wrenches into the works?

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        “real JavaScript” my ass.

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          Could you explain what you mean by this? I only played very briefly in the sandbox, but most of the (simple) constructs I tried worked fine.

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            I don’t think this qualifies as real JavaScript because there are many, many constructs that are simply too “magical” to be considered idiomatic. foo.moveTo(bar) is not something that you would see outside of a game engine, you would simply do foo.x = bar.x; foo.y = bar.y;. If that was what the moveTo method did, then that’s probably fine, but it’s not what moveTo. All of the actual algorithms behind things like pathfinding and aiming are hidden away and leave you to use silly and abstract constructs (which I don’t consider to be real).

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            Funny coincidence. I also stopped watching at “Programmed by you … with real JavaScript”.

            I think Grieg would rotate in his grave.

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            I wonder what those paid packs mean. Their IGG page explains that it’s not pay-to-win, but I fail to see how giving certain players more processing power doesn’t make for an unfair advantage.

            What are the benefits of paying for this game, and what are the restrictions for people playing for free?

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              It sort of sounds like within a room everyone has access to the same resources, but paying more means you can work with more rooms. Definitely not clear, though.