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    I just gave up after a wile and switched to using wisper for inter-app pubsub. Whats nice is that it works outside of rails without dragging activesupport into whatever your working on.

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      I’m not really a fan of the wisper model .. its sort of cute to be able to have fine grained control over who is listening to your broadcasts at runtime (the ActionController example), but I think that violates the point of broadcasting and encourages some really strange coding (also the ActionController example). I use broadcasting as just that, its a broadcast. It doesn’t matter who is listening and I don’t have to specify who should be paying attention at run time. Wisper has global listeners you can scope to a single class or method but thats not any different than just using ActiveSupport::Notifications, and it has the same reload problem in development which requires a similar use of #to_prepare. Also if you are using Rails, ActiveSupport is already there, you don’t need to drag in Wisper.