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    @neeels wrote down how his RSI issues were eventually cured: http://hofmeyr.de/wrist%20pain%20%28RSI%29/ (follow links at the bottom after disclaimer)

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      I blew out my left arm for 1.5 years, my solution was 1. strap it to my chest for about a year 2. learn right-hand dvorak 3. do my own physical therapy 4. switch to a kinesis keyboard

      The largest benefit to me came from coding on a futon or couch where I could change my wrist/arm position every twenty minutes. It turned out my joint wear came from coding in exactly the same position for 16 hours a day.

      More recently I’ve switched to ergodox keyboards. Switching to a split keyboard means my wide shoulders don’t cause pronation anymore.

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        coding in exactly the same position for 16 hours a day

        I’m afraid that doing same thing for basically whole day is not healthy for any value of thing.

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        I’m interested in the pressure sleeves. The ones I’m finding seem to all be marked as “cooling”, but the article says they warm him up.

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          Kinesis Advantage represent! I have hurt my wrist, so the pain wasn’t exactly chronic, but came back easily.

          Kinesis and a solid CST trackball changed my life for the better!

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            On laptops, I use knuckles for modifier keys. On other keyboards, I just use my palm for the control key. Save caps lock for the escape key.

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              I like having a tap on caps mapped to esc, and a press mapped to ctrl.

              Actual ctrl key I map to ctrl+opt+cmd and press with the palm for custom combos.

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                That sounds interesting, how did you acomplished that?