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    Is this not a Google bug that it allows an app to elevate to full access without user confirmation?

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      Totally, I’d expect a big fat “APP REQUSTS FULL ACCESS” banner.

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      There is also a huge safety risk. Apparently people are getting lured into parking lots and getting robbed. I’ve also seen people using the app so much that they aren’t even looking at what’s going on in front of them. I saw my own coworker walk across a street without looking both ways just because of how much their eyes were glued to their screen.

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        I would say this is the much bigger story. Not so much the mugging, which I think is grossly overblown, but the distracted people running around. Like glassholes? But now goholes? Gassholes?

        So texting and driving/walking whatever isn’t a new phenomenon, but if this kind of game requires ones full attention, it has the potential to be much worse. Not to mention the whole point is to have the phone out as you’re walking. Unlike a text or email, the Pokemon won’t wait for you to get where you’re going to check in.

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            Prickachus. Geodouche.

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            Personally, my hope is that Pokemon Go won’t have the heavy suggestion of economic status that augmented reality hardware has had in the past, and will show the general public that AR can be something for everybody.

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              Oh, I didn’t mean to sound quite so sour on the concept of augmented reality. If it’s useful to people, it should certainly be available. Hell, it should be available even if it’s not useful. I only request that that they remember that augmented reality is not a different reality and don’t knock me over on the sidewalk. :)

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          I have the game installed (Android) and Google (https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions?pli=1) doesn’t seem to think I’ve granted Niantic or Pokemon go any permissions, fwiw.

          the Chromecast app does evidently have full access, which i guess I’m okay with since it’s Google anyways?

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            I think the author mentions that it only happens on ios.

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              I believe the OP refers to the application having full access to your Google account (since they logged in with Google), not system permissions.

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                that is also what i mean

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              It’s interesting reading the commentary on this from security people on twitter (eg dguido’s analysis), and that so far no one has been able to say for sure what this “full account access” really entails, so even professional security researchers can’t figure out if a game can read your emails and steal your documents.

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                Seems like all the Google apps want full permissions. Chrome, Ingress & Pokemon Go.

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                  Anybody else also just installed the game after reading this post? :)

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                    Well I certainly didn’t uninstall it.

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                    Niantic just wanted to catch them all.