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    I handed back the MacBook and the woman opened up Safari. ‘The Internet’s not working,’ she stated with disdain.

    I’ve heard this sentence so many times now from students and staff, that I have a stock reaction. Normally I pull out my mobile phone and pretend to tap in a few numbers. Holding the handset to my ear I say: ‘Yes, give me the office of the President of the United States…. NO, I WILL NOT HOLD. This is an emergency…. Hello, Mister President, I’m afraid I have some bad news. I’ve just been informed that The Internet is not working.’

    Yikes :-/ “I decided that the young woman would probably not appreciate the sarcasm” … no one likes being talked to like that buddy, no one does. This is like someone watched The IT Crowd, thought it was funny, but doesn’t realize that things that are funny in a TV show aren’t actually funny in real life, but just annoying, obnoxious, and rude.

    I stopped reading after a few of the anecdotes; it was just too painful. I’ve had to deal with a few of these kind of people before over the years: people that just want to be as unhelpful as possible; out of cynicism, because they like the power, because it makes them feel good about themselves to make other people look dumb, or something else. Either way, they are a complete pain to deal with. Don’t be this guy. The “stereotype” he describes at the the start:

    [S]ome faceless, keyboard tapping, socially inept, sexually inexperienced network monkey, she now saw me as a colleague. To people like her, technicians are a necessary annoyance. She’d be quite happy to ignore them all, joke about them behind their backs and snigger at them to their faces, but she knows that when she can’t display her PowerPoint on the IWB she’ll need a technician, and so she maintains a facade of politeness around them, while inwardly dismissing them as too geeky to interact with.

    Seems more like a problem with his attitude rather than a problem with the rest of the world.

    Whatever point he may have had about children’s interactions with computers, it was lost at least on me due to the overwhelming obnoxiousness of this article.

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      How do “most Linux distros really get you to learn how to use a computer”?

      Don’t they just teach you to overcome problems created by the distro to begin with? Is that what using a computer entails?

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