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    It works directly from the Camera app in Android (at least in version 10) as well.

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      They said it would in the first paragraph. Too bad it doesn’t work in older Android versions, which make up the vast (vast) majority of what’s out there.

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      QR codes really are the wild west of identifiers: is this a serial number, a url, a business card, a wifi password?

      Barcodes in general really. Yesterday I was at a hardware store where the POS terminal wanted me to enter a phone number but I’d left a cardboard box sitting on the scanner and it kept spontaneously entering the UPC code (with weird prefixes) into the phone number box.

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        A FRITZ!Box modem/router can print a configuration page with the WiFi info that also contains a QR code. I’m using diceware for generating a passphrase for WiFi, still easy to use by guests after explaining it actually does contain spaces ;-)