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    I’m already having nightmares about opening AMP emails in mutt.

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      you wait until they announce their partnership with Slack.

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        Introducing R.Mutt — a fork of Mutt with AMP support and Material Design UI, rewritten in Dart.

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        Interactive HTML in our emails, what could possibly go wrong. This is a security nightmare lying in wait.

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          Inorite, Google Wave died for good reason.

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          Seems like the old MS strategy of embrace, extend, and extinguish. This already happened with Google Talk that was using Jabber, then got rebranded as Hangouts with a proprietary protocol. Open standards are the only thing that makes the internet possible, and every large company is trying to find a way to create its own walled gardens to lock in the users.

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            You do realize that AMP is entirely standards based right? My sarcasm detector misfires sometimes.

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              What standard? It isnt standard html.

              Inventing some custom tags and a forced-down-everyones-throat js renderer for said tags, a standard does not make.

              The amp project website is registered to Google, and realistically the “project” is controlled by google.

              If you think anything google does re: AMP is anything but a massive power grab for even more control over the web, you’re incredibly naive.

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                Compliance with the AMP standard requires loading the AMP framework from a Google-controlled server, and all content being cached by Google.

                Something is an open standard if everyone can have input in it, and if they csn entirely self-host it and gain all the benefits.

                If I self-host AMP entirely, the requirement (loading the framework from Google’s server) is not met anymore, same if I ban the Google AMP cache and use my own. In both cases, I will not get any of the AMP search benefits, and Google will declare my AMP invalid.

                Valid AMP is, by definition, a proprietary product.

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                  The problem is that Google is changing the nature of email. Going back to GTalk example, Google started with an open standard, and then kept updating the protocol until it became mostly incompatible with third party clients.

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                Google, the only problems in email are security related (spam, viruses, privacy, authentication, etc). Be engineers, fix that boring stuff and stop trying to control the web.

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                  there are other problems in email, though unfortunately they are caused or enabled by gmail (top posting, html, exclusion of independent servers).

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                  Is it the 1st of April already?

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                    Bringing even more features — to a basic service — that we don’t need..

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                      I’m so glad I moved to my own domain, own email, own calendar, own contacts, own backup, own you-name-it server. I replaced every conceivable cloud provider that I was consuming and to this day I am very glad that I took the time to do it because it’s shit like this that I get to chuckle at.

                      I highly encourage anyone who depends on any cloud provider to ask yourself this: do I like the service I’m being provided? Are there alternatives I could run myself? It’s questions like these that led me to obtain the experience I needed to land a job.

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                        Could you expand?

                        Where do you host your services? How much time did it take for you to set it up? How much maintenance does it need? Also did you have any problems with mobile?

                        Lately outside of mail I’m thinking about photos hosting. I would like to tag photos and a camera icons dedicated to certain tags.

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                          Sorry, let me clarify one point: I do rely on one cloud provider: DigitalOcean. I run my email, contacts, and calendar services within a droplet on DigitalOcean. I routinely have backups scpd from the VPS to my local machine which has a 8 TB RAID setup, which is where I backup other things as well. I also run my own webdav service which allows me to sync up documents between my laptop and iPhone.

                          I could technically avoid the reliance on DigitalOcean if I purchased my own hardware and placed it into a colocated datacenter, but that would be costly, and it kind of goes a bit beyond the idea of no cloud provider dependency. I’m fine with relying on DigitalOcean because I know that I have backups in case I need to switch to a different provider.

                          I also purchase CDs and import them to iTunes then sync them onto my iPhone. The frustrations of dealing with bad LTE coverage led me to make this choice a long time ago, and I’ve been happy ever since.

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                            I am on fastmail and it works just fine. Comes with mail, contacts, calendar and cloud storage.

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                              But that’s not what OP meant, is it? Replacing one provider with another is not “my own domain, own email, own calendar, own contacts, own backup, own you-name-it server”. Also he said: “I replaced every conceivable cloud provider”.

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                                I think there is a big difference between fastmail and google, namely that fastmail is not an ad company and you pay for your mail/calendar etc.

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                          How about a little cleaning up of the HTML interface? Am I right? Who’s with me? Anyone?

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                            aaayyy! it would be nice if the back button were usable.

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                            So now I can send someone an email, get them to agree to it and then change the content later.

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                              Even page of this blog post has top and bottom junk panels taking 1/5 of page height and constantly sliding in and out when scrolling. And this is not a porn site, this is main blog of Google. What a time to be alive. Time to install mutt and lynx to be able to read and write text again.