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      nice post - I’ve supported light / dark colorschemes on my site for awhile, but didn’t know about the meta header. Added!

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      It even inverts images to perfectly match your preferred style - when it makes sense, so photos for example are left as-is

      For photos I find it particular eye-pleasing to darken the image a bit and display the full brightness on a mouse hover (desktop) or tap (mobile). Instapaper came up with the idea years ago and it’s quite easy to implement in CSS.

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      I think prefers-color-scheme is great.

      I just wish it were easier to switch between light/dark mode in browsers for testing purposes (or just for the sake of it). Something like a toggle in developer settings.
      I don’t like how it’s usually locked to the OS dark mode setting.

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        All major desktop browsers have exactly that feature, see the post for links on how to activate it.

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          Wow thanks! Can’t believe I missed that.