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    The Website Obesity Crisis (2015) web idlewords.com

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    It’s been 4 years already?

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      In a month, it’ll be 5 years :)

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      I am sitting here reading this very entertaining article on website bloat, with my phone, in my bathtub. …as my phone suddenly asks me “Charging your phone? Earn money for charity while you do!”

      We deserve the apocalypse.

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        Just recently I’ve added a CI test to check if our bundle size is bigger than 5mb.


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          Shouldn’t this be tagged historical and have (2015) in the title?

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            2015 is historical?

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              We must have blinked.

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                Sorry, I was misremembering he purpose of that tag, and conflating it with the rule for putting the year after anything more than a few years old.

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