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    It’s beautiful. It’s very evocative, to me, of the console font on Sun SPARC systems. That’s a good thing in my book.

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      Yuck, not a good quality font.

      • Poor character spacing, resulting in lots of glyphs touching each other (especially in all caps text). I’m guessing this font is based on a proportional one whose metrics a non-expert messed with to make it monospaced, rather than something that was designed to be monospaced.
      • Line spacing is too large, on macOS but not in the screenshots. I’ve seen this before with other fonts; I think there are some vertical metrics used by Apple’s layout engine but not some others, so on some platforms mistakes in those metrics won’t be apparent.
      • Didone fonts (Bodoni, etc.) aren’t well suited to body text since the thin strokes don’t come out well. I don’t know what the author means by old French newspapers using such a font. In metal type, Didone fonts at body point sizes would have had to have the stroke widths evened out to the point where they wouldn’t really be Didone anymore.

      I do like serif type for programming – I used Courier for ages – but this one doesn’t cut it.

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        I tried it out briefly, as a terminal font. A few observations:

        • The alphanumeric characters are beautiful, and I wish there were more programming fonts in this style. I already use Go Mono as my default programming font, for similar reasons (aesthetic, and I find serif fonts more readable).
        • Unfortunately, it’s not well suited to dark themes. The font contains some extremely thin lines, which look decent as black-on-white text but become hard to read as white-on-black. Maybe this is a font rendering problem? (I tried it in iTerm 2 on a Mac).
        • The non-alphanumeric characters are not well-suited to programming. []{} in particular are very hard to see, even at large font sizes, and look more like lines than brackets/braces. These probably need to be completely redesigned if this is going to work as a programming font.
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          Maybe this is a font rendering problem? (I tried it in iTerm 2 on a Mac).

          I can’t replicate your setup (no Mac) but I took a comparison with vscode, and the font seems to look alright light-on-black. In fact, I’d say it even looks a bit better. But I like big fonts https://i.imgur.com/pxPY4cI.png https://i.imgur.com/Vw2FGnA.png

          I’m going to leave up as default for at least two weeks, nice find, OP!

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          I like serif monospace fonts, but this feels a bit too Computer Modern for me.

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            Good call out, I think I agree with your assessment. Feels a bit more literary.

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            Not bad. The serifs and contrast remind me a bit of both Linux Libertine Mono and Luxi Mono/Go Mono, though it’s clearly different in the details.