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    Robots are the revolution in evolution. Most of human ancestors are extinct, but their genes lived on in humans. The same is gonna happen with humans, we will go extinct and instead of our genes it will be our memes i.e. computer instructions that live on in robots.

    Of course natural selection will still operate, the most successful robots will be ones that is the best at replicating itself and its memetic material. Given that humans will probably try to stop robots from taking over, evolutionary pressure would create robots that are really good at killing humans.

    So robots will command robot armies.

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      For a more literary take on it, Meditations on Moloch. The incentives participants receive often add up to terrible, evil systems that no one would ever design, but no one has the power or incentive to replace.

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        Missing from this picture is the Navy.

        Every reason you may have for spending a dollar on a nuclear sub, becomes a hundred times more compelling for spending it on a fully autonomous nuclear sub.

        Think about it…

        • Nuclear subs are amongst the most expensive weapon systems ever built.
        • Most of their costs relate to keeping fragile humans alive.
        • Most things you can track them by, relate to keeping humans alive.
        • Nuclear subs seem to be being decommissioned all over the globe.

        I’m willing to bet you that the Terminator nightmare, (Nuclear armed AI’s) are already roaming the seas.