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Per https://lobste.rs/s/hneyu4/dagcoin_a_cryptocurrency_without_blocks/comments/7mh0gs#c_7mh0gs


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    … and I still want a tag for non-git vcs discussions.

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      Renamed git to vcs

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        Typo for cvs?

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          Version Control System.

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          Thanks. Not sure I wanted a rename instead of a new tag, but I’ll take what I can get.

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          Ok, done.

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            Woo hoo! Thank you @jcs!

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            I thought you wanted to rename Bitcoin project itself… then I was like, why/how he would? Can you change the title to ‘Rename “bitcoin” tag to “cryptocurrency”’?

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              Sorry, I can no longer edit the title.

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              That was a much better idea than my leaving doofy descriptions on stories, thank you.

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                Is ‘altcurrencies’ ok or are they all pretty much crypto currencies?

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                  Every currency that would ever be discussed here is cryptographic. Unless you want the category to include World of Warcraft gold… which would make sense if this were a forum about economics (although the IRS distinguishes WoW gold from bitcoin, it’s not on the basis of the non-use of cryptography), but it’s not, and there’s very likely nothing interesting to say about game currencies from a technical perspective.