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    I wrote a slightly less comprehensive guide of my own not that long ago, describing how to use Yubikey’s smartcard interface with OpenSSH (and no GPG): https://github.com/jamesog/yubikey-ssh

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      OMG thank you so much for this. I found it via google a couple of weeks ago and think I might actually be able to roll that out to the team. GPG-agent powered stuff, not so much.

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        Glad it’s of help to someone else :-)

        OpenSSH 8.0 also supports ed25519 keys from a smartcard now so I might play with that and update the instructions.

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          I actually tried this this afternoon, but didn’t manage to make it work with a yubikey4… The error message is different, but there’s still one! I didn’t take time to look into it, but if you managed to do it, I’d be happy to read it in your repository! Thank you very much for it btw!

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            I’ve used my way with a NEO and Yubikey 5. I don’t have a 4 so can’t test it unfortunately.

            Happy to take a PR if you figure out what’s wrong with the 4. :-)