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    It’s nice to see some new targets: AIX and PS1.

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      Small release but great nonetheless.

      I love seeing internal improvements such as with std::sync::mpsc.

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        I haven’t used the mpsc module (multi-producer single-consumer) myself, but an update like this seems like a good sign.

        To lay out my reasoning: If the task remains the same, the implementation changes, and the API can remain the same — then the API is probably at the task level, and doesn’t make you think about the incidentals of its implementation. Which I have always appreciated, whenever I’ve coded using such modules.

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          mpsc has an interesting history, as far as I know this is like the third major implementation change for it. IIRC the first one was a ring buffer, the second was a linked list, the latest seems to be… different things depending on context? It’s a pretty cool example of crossbeam acting as a testbed for the std lib though.