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    Do not attempt to compete with Pinboard. —maciej on June 01, 2017

    Gotta give the man credit for a healthy ego :) Pinboard does rock though. Been a happy user for years.

    (Though I’m still waiting for my ‘Fetch Title’ button on the web UI :) )

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      Maybe I’m giving Maciej too much credit, but my reading of that was that he wrote it with his tongue firmly in his cheek. :o)

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        Oh absolutely! I think Maciej should get all the credit in the world :)

        Honestly, things like Pinboard are niche services mostly for us uber-geeks and others who care enough to want to wrangle huge bodies of articles and maintain essentially random access to all of it.

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        That date sure helped. For an entire minute, this blog post sounded like something you’d post on April 01.

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          I don’t know the guy, so I have to say, when I first read the post, this particular sentence caught my attention!

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          TIL delicious was still in business.

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            IIRC they were acquired and then had some kind of “relaunch” a few years back. They emailed people with accounts and gave them the choice to either have their accounts deleted or allow them to be transitioned to the new version. I thought that was a pretty cool thing to do, personally.

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            The comments in here…

            • “Though I’m still waiting for my ‘Fetch Title’ button on the web UI”
            • “Though I’m still waiting for a way to view my bookmarks with the twitter and twitter_favs filtered out”
            • “Does this mean that we’ll get an official mobile version of Pinboard”

            Along with my own thoughts when renewing my pinboard acct. recently (tag-suggestions, pay more $ for prettier pdf archiving, etc.) make me think there’s still room for a bootstrapped competitor if one’s really driven to do it. Either that or routes to improve other solutions (e.g. improving shaarli, extending standard notes, etc.)

            (seriously, i love pinboard overall though)

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              I’m pretty sure Maciej would love to have competition (seriously).

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                I would renew my Pinboard account just for all the other work Maciej does, but getting few more features as a Pinboard user is nice too.

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                  Indeed, I still renewed. One nuance I should’ve pointed out about pinboards decision to not invest too much in the ui is that its opened up the opportunity for pinboard apps by other indie developers. I could actually see it being a reason for Maciej to be a bit afraid of squashing the “ui playground” of existing pinboard client apps in the process.

                  This is something I’ve explicitly observed in other services with a large tech-savvy userbase, where they’ve rejected acquiring native iOS apps that use their service because it would immediately make them a competitor / alienator to other client apps supporting the service.

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                  Bookmarking apps come and go, so I get that one reason people stick with Pinboard is that they’re fairly confident it’s going to be around in 5 years, regardless of lack of development. That’s fair. All the same, I’m trying to build something that competes by adding some stuff that Pinboard doesn’t do (syncing github starred repos, official Android client, iOS client is on the way) and backing that up with regular updates. I can’t really point to anything convincing that says my thing will be around in 5 years, but on the other hand, it costs barely anything to run, and I’m stubborn, so I don’t see why not.

                  Anyway, if anyone is shopping for an alternative and thinks Maciej is doing well enough already, you might like to take a look at https://larder.io.

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                    Nice! Wish I heard about this before resubscribing to pinboard for a few more years, bookmarked this for later (along with changemap).

                    You may want to consider doing some marketing (i.e. listing your site on places like alternativeto, etc.). I recall actively looking for some alternatives last month but didn’t find your service.

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                  Good for Pinboard and good for Delicious!

                  (Though I’m still waiting for a way to view my bookmarks with the twitter and twitter_favs filtered out)

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                    Ooh I’d love that too. And pocket :)

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                    Does this mean that we’ll get an official mobile version of Pinboard? Pretty please?

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                      I love pinboard, but I wish there was more development being done. Site hasn’t really changed since I signed up 4 years ago. I’m not looking for a fancy ui but there are plenty of features people have suggested that would be nice I have yet to see. If i wasn’t grandfathered into the lifetime account I would have probably canceled and switched to something like buku by now.

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                        Site hasn’t really changed since I signed up 4 years ago.

                        IMHO this is a huge selling point. I forgot I had a Pinboard account for a few years. A few months ago I rediscovered my account, and everything still just works. Bookmarklets, my email submissions, even my Instapaper and Twitter integrations have been quietly working in the background. OTOH I also tried to access my delicious.com account recently; I could log in, but half the website doesn’t work. So what I mean to say is: the balance between new features and not changing things is hard to get right but I think Pinboard does a good job of it.

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                          As a counter point, I like that it’s stayed the same.

                          Two concerns I have are that the UI will change in ways I don’t like and that too many features will make more work than can be handled by just one person.

                          Just an observation, but it looks like all the features requested in this thread could be created pretty easily using the Pinboard API and a browser extension.