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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Season 3 of Dark comes out on Saturday (in the US at least), so I’ll be parked in front of the TV for several hours.

      I’ll probably get a round of disc golf in on Sunday. Do we have any European disc golfers here? If so, what’s it like in your area?

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        Some cities have some hidden in parks. I have seen some at least in Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve and Amsterdam. Done it a few time for fun but it is pretty rare hobby around here.

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        Are you me (from another dimension/time :))? This is exactly what I’m doing this weekend: watching Dark and playing disc golf!

        Do we have any European disc golfers here?

        Yes, I’m a disc golfer from Europe. What exactly do you want to know, how is it now due to COVID or more in general?

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          I was just curious what the scene is like in other countries e.g. how popular is it, are there many courses near you, etc.

          I’ve seen that Sweden and Finland have a huge number of courses, but I don’t know much about the rest of Europe.

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            how popular is it, are there many courses near you, etc.

            I can tell you only for Croatia.

            Not very popular here, we have around 40 players on our tournaments (more active players than that, but noting to write home about).
            I have a course about 40 minute drive away from me, and then the next one is 3 hours away :D

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              That’s interesting. I live in a small college town and even here there are 5 courses near me, and a handful more in Indianapolis (~1hr away).

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                there are 5 courses near me

                We have 5 courses in the whole country!

                Four of which are relatively close to each other (maybe half an hour between each; all ~3 hours away from me), and one is near me. There are some talks about some new courses, but nothing happened yet.

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        Totally forgot about the new Dark season, thanks for the reminder!

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        I am doing the same on Saturday, rewatched dark a few weeks ago to catch up.

        A second watch of the show was surprisingly illuminating.

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          I did my rewatch last weekend. A second watch is definitely interesting!

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      It will be 2 months since I started the experiment https://Uncle and .us. So far it’s been a great success! All four students Atharva, Avik, Goga and Sam went beyond my expectations.

      Not only they have completed Linux Fundamentals course but also on the way to complete our main goal, Full Stack Open Course. Also, the important thing is they have done awesome projects to showcase their learnings so far. Very proud of these guys.

      • My plan for the weekend is to write a blog on our progress so far as we are halfway through it!
      • I’m also hoping to catch up some of the sessions from Denver WordPress Camp
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        Good luck! This is a fantastic idea.

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          Thank you for kind words!

          Our Lobsters community has so many experts on vastly different topics. As part of second half of our camp, I’m hoping that I can convince some of you to join us as a guest speaker for one of our sessions (we virtually meet once a week and also have WhatsApp group for any questions if we have!)

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      Antifennel: a reverse Lua->Fennel compiler (Fennel is a lisp compiler that targets Lua)


      I based it on code from this fascinating self-hosted Lua->Luajit-bytecode compiler: https://github.com/franko/luajit-lang-toolkit

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      From sundown on Friday, I will be observing the Jewish sabbath (Shabbat). I will be offline, since the Jewish sabbath means no electronics.


      • French homework is due at midnight
      • Need to rewrite my website’s landing page
      • Just sent off a first draft for a guest post. Which means, I’ve got to start outlining another blog post.
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        Curious: what are you doing during shabbat? Reading a book?

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          Yep. Reading, eating, walking and praying.

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      Bees, beer and bread sums up my weekend plans. I am also on-call for production at work. Let’s hope I can spend more time on the former than on the latter.

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        Bees? As in beekeeping? That is pretty cool! I know absolutely nothing about bees… Besides having a unique hobby and some honey, are there any other benefits to beekeeping?

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          yes, I took a course in beekeeping last year but did not (yet) buy my own hives b/c I did not have the time to fully commit to it (job, travel) I help the guy I learned it from every now and then. I learned a ton and it is a great excuse to get out of the house on a Saturday morning.

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        Nice. Bier is next weekend, but I get bees and biking this. Requeened a hive yesterday, going to check on it tomorrow.

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      Thinking about starting a new project that I might be able to convert into a startup later, but also feeling pretty deflated about startups these days. Without millions in VC funding it’s really hard to get anywhere or compete with anyone.

      The tool I am planning to build will solve some of the problems with Helm and kubectl, as well as CI/CD problems with k8s deployments. It’s been a pet peeve of mine for a while. Helm leaves much to be desired.

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        On the other hand, without VC funding you don’t have VC pressure and (possibly) VC-misguidance :)

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          Yep but then you need to have a lot of money saved up, or some other source of income. I am poor (though I have a bunch of illiquid and practically worthless startup stock).

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      I’ve started a blog and have one finished article on it about using native libraries in Flutter: https://asim.ihsan.io.

      I’d like to finish the second article on constant-space permutations. I wrote a Rust library for it but I want to document the idea and explain it well.

      I’d like to reach a cadence of an article every week and I’m slowly building up to it!

      Otherwise I keep promising my wife that I’ll publish a calendar all I’m making for her and testing via TestFlight to the App Store, that’s next.

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        I skimmed your draft of the constant-space permutations article; it looks really neat! I think the idea there is pretty cool, and I’ve actually run into a few situations at my job where a permutation library like permutation-iterator-rs would’ve been really useful.

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          Thank you! I appreciate your feedback. I’m going to try and clearly explain the method used. It’s also possible to compile Rust to Webassembly so I’m trying to see if interactivity helps explain the ideas.

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      Field Day.

      The club I usually go with isn’t operating this year, and I’m pretty sure that their field day tent (which is a big blue triage tent) is on loan to the hospital that they have an agreement with, and being used as a COVID testing tent, so I was planning on doing solo portable. But I’ve been too busy to actually get my gear together for that, and a couple friends told me that their local AUXCOMM has a small operation going, so I’m going to swing by tomorrow, help them get set up, and maybe grab a little time on the air and eat a few burgers.

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      Continuing expanding on my little lisp and forth like interpreters I’ve cobbled together over the last few weeks.

      I’m most excited to implement function/word declarations and flushing out tests :)

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      Just got my Raspberry Pi in the mail so starting the process of porting my new project to ARM.

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      I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off, so it’s a 4 day weekend! First PTO I’ve taken in ~2 years that didn’t involve going home for a holiday.

      I really just wanna hack with abandon on something small to escape all the big projects and work stuff that comes with stress and coordination. No idea what that’ll be though. Anyone have ideas for a small CLI project, library, or silly thing that’s complete-able in a relaxed 3 day hackathon? There are no bad answers, just ideas I haven’t entertained yet.

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      Experimenting with closed loop BLDC control on the ODrive, trying out a setup to recycle and recover Isopropyl Alcohol, and targeting my first 50 miler week on my feet.

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        What are you planning to do with the BLDC motors, if anything?

        1. 2

          Initially, trying to figure out the limitations/capabilities of this kind of setup.

          Assuming it’s as quiet and performant as I expect it to be, this’ll be the first project the setup gets ported into: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiupCe-qaOI

          After that, we’ll, I have some ideas :D

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      Moving to another flat. Our current one was getting small, especially during quarantine.

      When knew that moving in your 30s could be so much more complicated then all the movings before? We don’t really have that much crap, but I still remembered George Carlin. :-)

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      I’m starting making my own Android MVVM architecture, so I can learn, at least, the basics of that (also, another way to learn new stuff to be able to find a job).

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      Dev stuff:

      • finishing up a minor redesign of Kanmail
      • hope to fix a few open issues and release pyinfra 0.15.1

      Life stuff

      • planning a trip to France now that borders are opening up
      • attempting to re seed some of the lawn
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      Writing code to render HTML to plain text, because I’m not happy with the job that Lynx does. It’s proving to be full of corner cases.

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      • Partner’s birthday, so celebrating that.
      • Lockdown is easing slightly more in the UK, although as a family we’re still being stricter than we have to be by the letter of the law. The in-laws are planning to visit but stay socially distant to us in our garden, which will be nice. Haven’t seen them in a couple of months.
      • Finish printing the initial batch of modifications for my Ender 3 printer which arrived this week. So far I’ve printed a fan cover, want to add things like filament guides to it.
      • Model some other things I want to print that aren’t just for the printer. It’s a tool, not a self-contained project. Honest.
      • Finish putting the main car’s dashboard back together after starting to fit an aftermarket head unit a couple of weeks ago. Was supposed to be done for other half’s birthday as a present, but run out of time to meet that, oops.
      • Bike ride, dodging the showers which are predicted
      • Mow the grass, as I’ve been putting it off for a month at this point and now it’s practically a meadow. This is going to be fun (not.)
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        Happy Birthday to your partner!

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      Run some performance tests in some servers from various IaaS providers, to decide where to install Minecraft servers.

      Create a signed apt repository for my infrastructure stuff.

      Clean the house, all of it.

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      Finally found my TOTP seed for Lobsters so I can log back in for starters :P

      Surprisingly, I managed to win the tenancy of my own little one person place so no more having to live with flatmates which will be an interesting change

      My weekend is just going to be cleaning and preparing to list my room bleh

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      I had what I think is my first ever github pull request for my watch project. My new 2020 version watches arrived so I’m going to look at integrating the pull request and rewriting it so it’s less of a mess.

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      I just finished writing a blog post about the difference between polyfilling and transpiling in JavaScript and published it. It feels like I lifted a temporary writing block so I’ll hopefully be putting pen to paper!

      Otherwise, relaxing — and, paradoxically — probably drinking too much coffee!

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      Learning Powershell

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      I usually keep Sundays work free, but looks like I’ll be fully working this weekend. Hopefully I can wrap up by next Tuesday and take the rest of that week off.

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      Figuring out how to exchange my laptop for a different one in the middle of a pandemic.

      Long story short, my ThinkPad running Linux died suddenly. I needed a new laptop ASAP and Apple could courier one to me in two hours, so…I got a 16” MacBook Pro. There’s a hardware bug (that they claim is “normal behavior”) where if an external display is connected the machine gets incredibly hot and noisy. Doesn’t matter if it’s completely idle, the external display’s existence causes the discrete GPU to activate and add another 20+W to the power/heat production of the machine and it doesn’t handle it well.

      So I’m going to try to swap it out with a 13” MacBook Pro, which doesn’t have a discrete GPU and therefore shouldn’t have this problem…but I live in Texas where our pandemic response has been criminally negligent at the state level so I don’t want to go to the Apple Store to do the swap. I’m thinking what I’m going to have to do is buy a 13” MBP online, have it shipped, and then do a return of the 16”, rather than an exchange. The problem with that is I took advantage of the educational discount (not dishonestly: both my wife and I are taking classes at community college), and that makes returns more difficult.

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      Catching up on the Unix Heritage Society’ mailing list; great place to be a fly on the wall!

      I hope to get a good urban hike in to survey, as one of my neighbors recently put it, “the remnants of all that is left”. Meanwhile, the neo “Summer of Love” continues apace.

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      Setting up a cloud-based VPN for the family.

      1. 2

        you mean 3rd parties like NordVPN or your own VPN setup. Just curious as I haven’t done the latter part yet. Hoping to know how to do it.

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      The weather looks good, so I’m going for an overnight bike trip. I’ll ride from my apartment and camp between Ward and Nederland off the Peak to Peak highway.

    28. 3
      • I have an app for an old client that needs some changes
      • Write another draft of my next article
      • Do some errands & prepare for a long weekend to an isolated cabin!
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      I’m overhauling my workflow on a computing cluster at my university. I expect it to be a bit of a slog because it’s Slurm job scripts, and they’ve gotten pretty crufty over time.

      I’m also working on an ethernet-related tool in Rust on the side, so while I’m waiting on Slurm job scripts to run/explode on the cluster, I’ll probably be hacking around in Rust, which should be fun!

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      Still launching Integer Tools.

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      Mulching the back yard flower beds, and working with my son on his taxes.

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      Trying to generate wave files ex nihilo. I want to build something like https://music-grid.surge.sh inside of emacs, because of course I do. At the moment, I think I have all the headers working – next step, the actual music generation.