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    Nice write-up. Learned about macros and how to use in with signatures. Gonna look for excuses to use both things now.

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      There’s a whole lot of Alloy that’s been formalized but undocumented. Macros at least have the “new changes” page. Things like enums and string facts are completely hidden.

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        Ya don’t remember where I found enums but they’re really handy. Fortunately the core is well documented in the book.

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          AFAICT the only way to find out about enums is to either read somebody use them in a model, hang around the google group for a while, or read the 4.1 release notes that aren’t on the new site.

          One person I know put it best:

          The Alloy book being good has a funny detrimental effect. Other people don’t seem to write tutorials, because the book is good. Any anything not in the book basically doesn’t exist, because no one is writing updated tutorials to show new language features.