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I propose that we make a 2-3 line summary mandatory when submitting a link. This will allow readers to skim stories and get a better idea whether they want to click the link. This may be a better mechanism than title + tags. It may also slow down spammers, it may also make us think harder about what we submit (soft spamming).


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    In most cases I believe that the story preview option is sufficient. However, there are times when a comment as to why something should be interesting to the Lobste.rs community is valuable.

    I’m not sure a mandatory summary is the best approach.

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      There’s a story preview? Is this on mobile?

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        It’s in your settings, and it works on mobile.

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          Thanks! Did not know about that. It does rely on the author starting off with a short summary, but most social media savvy writers do nowadays. I also see that the web is full of automatic summarization tools …

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      How about a one-line summary that could go in the title?