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      Consumer shopping guides, interesting though they may be, aren’t really the sort of content I come to Lobsters for.

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      This guide is really weird. It’s literally recommending Google Home and an Amazin Echo…

      I guess it says at the top “privacy not included”, but then it talks about the importance of privacy??? confused

      Update: upon further inspection, each products detail page gives you information about whther the device has a camera, mic, location tracking, etc. So, less a “these products are safe to use” and more a “make your own decision, but buy these popular things with our affiliate links.”

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        Yeah, I was expecting a list of “gadgets” that respect your privacy and security. But yeah, we all know that list would be empty or at best the same as the FSF’s shopping guide, if that’s still a thing.

        Update: it is: https://www.fsf.org/givingguide/v8/

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          I think that’s the point.

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      Argh, they break middle-clicking in Firefox: it should just open a new tab, but instead it opens a new tab and scrolls to the top of the page.