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    I sort of find it depressing that TECO is considered a “pathological” language. I have quite a few collected scripts that use TECO on VMS, available as EDIT/TECO, but of course I usually default to using Vim on OpenVMS these days, but previously used EDT, LSE, and Vile.

    I’d argue that while TECO is absolutely a “write-only” languages and writing new TECO scripts an anti-pattern, I’ve certainly seen seen worse - usually in the form of long “evolved” regular expressions or APL code.

    https://github.com/rhaberkorn/sciteco is the most modern and updated fork of Video TECO, and would be analogous to Vim in comparison to classic vi.

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      Always neat to see someone still referring to VMS as a live and kicking operating system :) I miss the DEATHROW VMS cluster. Gave me a chance to play with VMS.

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        As do I! Truth is that VMS is alive and kicking! Logging into GEIN is a sorely missed daily ritual, actually.

        I eagerly await the new VSI release and announcement of licensing terms for 9.

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      Still disappointed that typing my name into TECO fails to do anything interesting :)