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    How about you just make it such that if I accidentally touch the screen in the wrong spot I don’t lose all context of where I was, forcing me to scroll for a potentially long time to get back to what I was reading?

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      I’m curious what you’re referring to? I’ve never experienced this while using mobile apps…

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        It’s getting better, but in a lot of the infinite-scrolling mobile interfaces, if you clicked a link/button, when you went back you’d be at the top of the list again. If you had scrolled 1000 items down, well, sucks to be you.

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          Ah, good point. FWIW, this happens a lot in desktop applications as well.

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      I appreciate the author’s argument for powerful interfaces rather than pared-down functionality. Mobile websites have something in common with teletypes, perhaps: they are an interface you can only work on quite slowly, so every keystroke should count for as much work as possible.