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    Similarly, x86 is also Turing-complete with no instructions [1] (through chained page fault handling).

    [1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5261781

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      This is absolutely wild, I’m not going to say I am totally surprised but the fact someone decide to exploit it in this manner (and better yet build a compiler to ease the writing and proof-of-concept-showing of this idea is great too!)

      I’m waiting for the next headline “staring at an x86 CPU causes instructions to execute”

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      By definition, most possible subsets of any ISA are also going to be turing complete. Otherwise there could only be the one minimal “turing machine with finite tape” ISA.

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        This reminds me a lot about a project at my university a person developed. There is the whole MOV-based computing with x86, and a student implemented an LLVM backend (so easily pluggable) that would emit such instruction constructs.

        Gosh, x86 is cursed but I am fond of it having grown up with it - this blog is epic!

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