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    Linux is literally everywhere. Servers, routers, Android phones, super computers, TVs, probably all “smart” appliances, you name it, it probably uses Linux. Sure, it is not dominant on the desktop, but otherwise ubiquitous.

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      Someone better tell all the supercomputing centers that Linux will never work at scale.

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        I would take anything what Tashkinov says with a solid grain of salt. If you check out his mainpage, you’ll find his elaborate rants on almost everything related to IT platforms. Due to scale of these proejcts, his arguments are often outdated or misfired.

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          “Often wrong, but seldom in doubt,” as a friend of mine describes himself.

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          tldr; Linux will never be supported on all hardware because most hardware vendors aren’t willing to upstream their drivers or release adequate documentation for them to be implemented upstream. Whinge, whinge, whinge.